3 Ways You Can Use Calligraphy to Enhance Your Wedding

The way a calligrapher makes the ink flow on the surface and how each design element comes together to form a word—calligraphy when done right, is just beautiful. Know that you can even use calligraphy to write unique holiday cards or write a beautiful message to your best friend.

One of the best ways you can use calligraphy, however, is at your wedding. From implementing it in your guest’s welcoming card to having the names of yourself and your partner written in it, there are many ways you can utilize calligraphy in your wedding.

That said, here are three ways you can use calligraphy to enhance your wedding:

1. Cake-cutting background

While the act of cutting the cake with your partner is a beautiful one, you can make it even more so by creating a beautiful backdrop for people to take beautiful photos.

Include a background filled with calligraphy to act as the backdrop of the cake. That way, not only is the cake going to look beautiful, but it will pop out of the already-beautiful background if you utilize a dark-coloured backdrop that will act as a contrast to the cake.

Speaking of cake, you can also top your cake with calligraphy. If you are going to include your names on top, you can use calligraphy to make it look outstanding. That way, not only will the names look stunning, but the whole cake as well.

2. Printing favourite quotes

When it comes to writing your favourite quotes, nothing enhances its meaning to you and the attendees more than having it done in calligraphy.

Whether you’re handing out small cards with quotes on them or hanging your favourite quote in front of the reception or even at the altar, having it written in calligraphy and on display makes everything more special and the message much more impactful.

3. Numbering the table

If your wedding is going to be held in a ballroom, your reception might just be held in one room. In such situations, while you can easily number the table to allow your guests to find the correct table, you can enhance your designs by adding a design element to these numbers. Know that an effective way to do so is by turning the numbers into calligraphy. You can take it further by including these designed numbers and having them done on vases that act as the centrepiece of each table. That way, not only will they steal the attention of your attendees, but the beautifully designed numbers will make each table feel special.

There are just so many ways you can implement calligraphy into your wedding. From cake toppings to invitation letters, calligraphy can turn dull moments into something incredibly unique. With that said, we hope you have a memorable wedding, and don’t forget to implement calligraphy into as many aspects of your wedding as you can! That way, not only will you hear the sound of amazement from your guests, but you’ll make the wedding much more special than it already is between you and your loved one.

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