Terms and Conditions


  • Provided quotes and estimates are valid for 30 calendar days.
  • After 30 calendar days without an official booking, Toronto’s Calligrapher reserves the right to re-evaluate the quote and update the estimated pricing. Seating charts & other wedding or event signage must always be done prior to the actual event date.
  • In general, Toronto’s Calligrapher does not work on-site on the day of an event. If this is absolutely the only option, additional charges will apply.
  • Each client must sign Toronto’s Calligrapher agreement prior to the start date of any given project.
  • If Toronto’s Calligrapher must travel to do the work on location, a travel fee will apply.
  • Clients is responsible for dropping off and picking up surfaces/ completed projects from Toronto’s Calligrapher studio. If this is not possible, a delivery service can be arranged at the client’s expense. Signage rental is also available for additional fee (see RENTALS)
  • Cost of custom materials & supplies are extra.
  • Our clients are entitled to one complimentary FaceTime or in-person consultation and one follow-up consultation via telephone. Additional in-person meetings or phone consultations may be subject to additional administration fees.
  • Toronto’s Calligrapher can be reached Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m to 5p.m. Any phone calls or text messages sent during evenings or weekends should be restricted to emergency only, unless scheduled in advance by appointment.
  • Text: The client is responsible for making all decisions about spelling, abbreviation, punctuation & capitalization. For example, how the client types a list of names is exactly how they will be written on the final artwork. Toronto’s Calligrapher is not responsible for errors made in the final text document provided by the client. It is recommended that the client have a third party proofread the list prior to sending it – two sets of eyes are better than one!
  • If the client requests a particular paper or material outside of Toronto’s Calligrapher usual repertoire, it must be approved first by Toronto’s Calligrapher to ensure that it is suitable for calligraphy. Clients should refrain from purchasing a bulk order of envelopes until one envelope has been tested, to ensure the paper is a suitable weight/not overly textured etc.
  • The client must provide an additional 30% of the paper and/or materials required to accommodate potential error or last minute additions. (For example, if the order is for 100 Envelopes addressed with calligraphy, the client must provide 130 Envelopes).
  • ​All sales are final. Due to the custom nature of the services provided, Toronto’s Calligrapher is unable to accept returns. However, any errors made by Toronto’s Calligrapher will be redone at no cost to the client. If errors are due to typos in the client’s text document, the client will be responsible for all costs related to the creation of new items.


  • To reserve your spot in our calendar, you must pay the rental fee in full by cash or e-transfer. Check with us via phone call or email before booking to ensure the item(s) are available for your date
  • An agreement must be signed by client prior pick-up
  • Deposit is required for all rentals
  • Deposit must be paid in cash with receipt and is refundable after returning in picked-up condition. 5. Deposit will cover any lost, damaged, non-returned equipment or late-fee if applicable.

All artworks, both proposed and completed, are the wholly owned copyright of Toronto’s Calligrapher/ Minnie Do, and may not be reproduced, distributed, or published in any way without prior written permission. Toronto’s Calligrapher/ Minnie Do must receive a credit line for any editorial usage (in print or online).