Calligraphy Supplies


If you are just starting out or experimenting in becoming a calligrapher , it is best for you to start off with an inexpensive range of calligraphy supplies. This way if you think the art of calligraphy is just not for you, well you haven’t lost much. Calligraphy supplies range from very basic to very sophisticated tools, mainly because there are many different makers of such supplies and many different tools depending on the kind of calligraphy you decide to perform.

There are three common types of calligraphy you may wish to try out that are the western calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy or Japanese calligraphy. The difference in their calligraphy supplies is that western calligraphy uses a calligraphy pen and eastern calligraphy use a type of calligraphy brush.

If you are performing Chinese or Japanese calligraphy, you will be expected to choose the following calligraphy supplies: a range of brushes of varying sizes, an ink stick, an ink stone and a water cistern. A very essential and important part of producing this type of calligraphy is in making your own calligraphy ink using the ink stick, ink stone and water cistern. The brushes vary as they are made of different types of hair.

For those performing western calligraphy will have to choose calligraphy supplies such as a calligraphy pen holder, a bottle of ink and a set of nibs that come in a variety of sizes and thickness. A more advanced calligraphy set will generally contain 9 to 10 nibs while a more basic set may contain 4 to 5 nibs. Some pens may come with permanently attached nibs however to give the artist more flexibility it is best to choose a calligraphy set that gives you the option of changing the nibs rather than changing from pen to pen.

The type of paper used for calligraphy has to have a thicker weave to be able to hold the ink which is why rice paper is the best option. It is available in varying widths and lengths and individual sheet sizes as well. The ink used in calligraphy comes in an ink cartridge or in an ink stick. Ink cartridges come in a variety of colors while the bottled ink comes in a variety of blends.

Performing calligraphy is a definite challenge so it is best to always shop around for calligraphy supplies that will best suit your needs before purchasing them. High quality pens, brushes, nibs, paper and ink are essential calligraphy supplies that will help an artist create those precise lines and strokes that characterize such style of writing.

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