Calligraphy Styles


Calligraphic writing was used many centuries ago. The calligraphy styles had their own uniqueness unlike the simple form of letters and words we use today. The word Calligraphy was derived from the Greek with the word ‘kailos’ meaning beauty and ‘graphein’ meaning to write. The combination of these two words gave birth to what we know as calligraphy.

In the ancient times, different calligraphy styles were used to distinguish one’s writing from the more functional writing. Greece was a country that used a lot of calligraphy styles into important literary and religious texts. Countries such as Japan and China use calligraphy styles as an art. This area of expertise is considered more superior than painting.

Various calligraphy styles were used by monks in the Middle Ages. Later on, many people changed their writing into a more Gothic version. The Western countries were used to printing and using the typewriter. This was the beginning of the death of calligraphy styles. The 15th century saw a decline in calligraphy styles. Letters and words easier to write were developed later on. These letters and words had a more casual flow to it and could be written even by common townsfolk.

Today a calligrapher will use different calligraphy styles to address envelopes. Many consider the usage of calligraphy styles an important factor as it gives a personal touch. Nevertheless, it all depends on the person you are hoping to send it to. Their personal preference will have a large say on it.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages when using different calligraphy styles to address envelops. We live in such a modernized world with the computer playing a bog role in our lives. Such advanced technology makes tasks like envelope addressing quite simple and easy. Someone who prefers to do it quickly using the computer will not use calligraphy styles to address envelopes.

Using the hand for writing different calligraphy styles is inexpensive although it may take longer than what a computer would do. For people who prefer a personal touch, the usage of calligraphy styles would be the best option. This is useful especially during wedding ceremonies. Receiving a wedding invitation with their names written in calligraphy styles will make the person think that the sender had taken time to personalize the card, etc.

Although there are the advantages of using calligraphy styles, it also comes with a few disadvantages. Since the modern world has individuals who haven’t even seen calligraphy styles, the staff of the post office might not be able to read what you have written on the envelope. This can cause delays in the invitations being sent.

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