Brief History Of Calligraphy Fonts

Calligraphy fonts were used many centuries ago, when there was only stone and wood to write on. The development of calligraphy fonts dates back to so many years that today finding works of calligraphy is quite difficult, unless it is found in some museum.

Before the papyrus was used and before man developed, calligraphy fonts were written on wood or stone. These calligraphy fonts had an angular shape. With time, the papyrus emerged with the calligraphy fonts taking a much softer edge. Years passed on with the Dark Ages settling in. This resulted in the death of a beautiful art. Developments of calligraphy fonts were stopped. All types of creativity seemed to have died during this era.

When the Roman Catholic Church came into power, this saw the old calligraphy fonts re-emerging with different styles. The Middle Ages saw Gothic fonts emerging. Times changed and even common townsfolk were allowed to read and write. This gave the plea to having less complex calligraphy fonts or any other type of font. Today what you see is totally different from what was in the past.

When printing came into being more readily available, it was the artists who used calligraphy fonts. More than half the population wrote in cursive. Many used calligraphy fonts that were elaborate for maps and to write invitations. The more complex type of calligraphy fonts was used to target high-level affairs and high-class audiences.

Many museums showcase different artwork and documents that have used calligraphy fonts. There are also many software programs that are designed to help you write calligraphy fonts on invitations, envelopes, etc. You’d be able to find these easily on the World Wide Web for a less expensive price.

Did you know that there are individuals who use calligraphy fonts to create tattoos? A tattoo is something that is generally done to last a lifetime in different parts of the body. Getting hold of a unique tattoo design is the best approach.

Name tattoos require different fonts to be used and calligraphy fonts are used today to give that extra special effect. Combining the calligraphy fonts with another type of font could be done. You could check out the designs on the computer and choose what you like. Getting hold of unique calligraphy fonts will enable you to create something different and special.

The Kanji Japanese calligraphy fonts are also very much popular among teenagers today. These give out a special effect to tattoos. Researching on styles and more calligraphy fonts will give you a better idea about the tattoo you want.

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