Calligraphy Kits

Many amateurs start to venture into the art of calligraphy by purchasing inexpensive calligraphy kits to start off with cheaply. The reason behind this is that if they choose to drop out at any time they will have not invested much into these kits. You will find a large number of manufacturers for calligraphy kits as well individual calligraphy pens, nibs and inks. You will come across a wide range of calligraphy kits from the most basic kit to much more of a complete and sophisticated kit.

The type of calligraphy kit to be purchased depends on the type of calligraphy that you are looking to start. There are 3 common types of calligraphy which compromises of Western calligraphy which uses a calligraphy pen. Whilst Eastern calligraphy compromises of Chinese or Japanese calligraphy and these are performed with the use of a calligraphy brush. With the Chinese and Japanese calligraphy kit you will find range of brushes in different sizes and made from various types of hair. You will get an ink stick, an ink stone and a water cistern. It’s important in Chinese calligraphy to produce your own calligraphy ink and this is available in the kits.

A good quality calligraphy kit should come with a calligraphy pen holder, a set of nibs in various sizes and thickness and a bottle of ink. Basic calligraphy kits may contain about four to five nibs whilst a more sophisticated kit will contain more than nine nibs. An inexpensive calligraphy kit will have up to three nibs that would have permanently attached nibs and ink cartridges.

A correct calligraphy kit will give the calligrapher greater flexibility to change nibs than having to change from one pen to another. A cheap calligraphy kit doesn’t mean that the quality will be excellent. As you begin to perfection the art, you will appreciate the use of a calligraphy pen holder in your hand irrespective of the size of the nib. When trying to buy a pen that would produce thicker lines all that you have to do is change the nib instead of buying a whole new pen.

Like any other shopping item you will need to look around for prices and quality of calligraphy kits that will cater to your needs. Calligraphy is a demanding art that is only acquired with patience with time. This art once perfected can be used in several ways that can bring benefit.

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