All About Calligraphy Ink

Calligraphy is becoming more and more popular today. It is the art of writing. There are three main types of calligraphy. Western calligraphy, Chinese calligraphy and Japanese calligraphy. The utensils used for calligraphy are extremely important. One of the most important things is calligraphy ink.

Calligraphy ink varies depending on the type of calligraphy and individual taste. Chinese calligraphy and Japanese calligraphy focus on the individual making their own ink. Many people do this however; some people choose to buy the ink. This is highly convenient as time can be saved. But the ink is often of a substandard quality and is not recommended for many enthusiasts. Traditional ink can be purchased. It is sold as a block. Many people who purchase Chinese and Japanese calligraphy sets will get an ink stone. This is used to grind the ink and mix it with water. There are two main types of calligraphy ink available. Black ink that is also known as Yuen-boku. This ink is made from lamp soot. The other type of calligraphy ink is blue. It is also called Shoen-boku . It is made from pine soot.

When making calligraphy ink, keep in mind the amount of ink you want to make. This will enable you to figure out how much ink to grind and it will also determine how much water you use. When grinding the stick, do so in a circular pattern as this preserves the ink stick for longer. Remember to use the full width of your ink stone when grinding. This ensures that there is even wear on the stone. Once you have finished making your calligraphy ink, make sure that you rinse the ink stone to prevent it from staining.

Western Calligraphy ink is usually bought. Many Western calligraphy sets come with ink bottles or spare ink cartridges. Western calligraphy ink is available in different colors. However, blue and black inks are still the most common inks used. This ink unlike, Japanese and Chinese calligraphy ink is usually good quality. Yet, certain precautions must be taken when purchasing ink. You must be aware of how long the ink can be kept in the pen before it dries. High quality ink can be kept for longer periods of time.

Calligraphy ink is one of the most important components of the art of calligraphy. Therefore, care must be taken when choosing and making ink. It is an essential part of your masterpiece!

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