Toronto’s Calligrapher

Born in Vietnam and now located in Toronto, I offer calligraphy service to create a high-end experience for you and your guests.

Started from the Bottom: My first ever paid calligraphy project was an 80 white calligraphy addressing on black shiny metallic envelopes. It was the project that changed what I know about the art of modern calligraphy. From that point on, I experimented with place cards, table numbers, menus, signages and seating charts on acrylic, glass, mirror, chalkboards, wall, leather and many more. So many lesson learned; so many trials and errors but nothing could stop me from continuing.

In September 2018, A Grateful Note was created as a passage for me to continue my family legacy as the third generation calligrapher. Today, I stand to create high quality modern calligraphy service for private and corporate events in the Greater Toronto Area.