4 Ways to Incorporate Calligraphy Into Your Wedding

Living in a highly digitized world that is driven by a dominantly paperless landscape, the appeal of calligraphy has become even more universally captivating. The art of harmonizing decorative lettering can transform any simple texts into an elegant piece of work, making it a fancy way of personalizing everything from day-of signage to paper goods. 

With its romantic curves and dramatic loops, it’s no surprise how calligraphy is incorporated by many brides into their wedding – from adding light flourishes in invitation envelopes, table numbers, escort cards, signage, and even adding a sophisticated flair in dinner menus. 

That’s why the popularity of calligraphy is booming more than ever as when incorporated into your special day, it can add a stylish yet personal touch to your wedding in more ways than one. Here are some exciting ideas: 

Add Calligraphy in Wedding Invitations

In a time where people constantly receive junk mail in a swift click of a button, sending out hand-addressed wedding invitations have become an intimate yet popular way to make your letter stand out from the rest of your guest’s inbox. 

Amid the bills and other mail, opening a handwritten wedding invitation with striking calligraphy at the back of envelopes can truly catch attention and set your request apart. Not only will it impress your guests with its powerful first impression, but taking the time and money to invest in a professional calligrapher reveals how much you care about the experience of your guests. 

In addition to incorporating calligraphy in wedding invitation envelops, you can also include it in the accompanying stationery or actual, custom-made invitation. 

Use Calligraphy as Table Decor

The table decor captures the overall theme of your wedding, so it can either be intimate, rustic, or sophisticated. Using calligraphic cards as table decor – be it inspirational quotes, a table number, menu, or even just name tags – can add understated elegance to your reception tables. It personalizes the table decor and promotes a special touch where your guests can feel welcomed. 

Use Calligraphy in Wedding Signages

Another way to enhance your wedding experience using the art of calligraphy is by incorporating it into wedding signages. The elegant loops and romantic lines can instantly grab attention, making it the perfect design to boost up signs like “Welcome to Our Wedding” or “Please Sign Our Guestbook.” 

Seeing as calligraphy is eye-catching, whether done in traditional chalk-white or in a colourful arrangement, it truly adds intimate elements when guests arrive for the reception party. 

Add Calligraphy in Wedding Favour Bags

You can enhance your thank-you gifts by adding calligraphy on favour bags, making it a personalized token of appreciation for attending guests. You can add your initials as a couple, or even create a note of thanks filled with delightful treats inside the goodie bag. Either way, it’s sure to leave a sweet note to guests at the end of the celebration. 

The Bottom Line

Hiring a professional calligrapher to add a beautiful yet personal touch to your wedding decor can be an exciting addition to your vendor list. For one, it’s easy to say “I do” to the dramatic strokes of handwritten menus, signages, table decor, and invitations, making your special day even more unforgettably picturesque. 

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