4 Misconceptions About Modern Calligraphy

Becoming a calligrapher is a fun activity. If you’re planning to do it, it’s important that you know everything about it first — even a few misconceptions that could (possibly) bog you down. Here are some of the misconceptions about calligraphy that you should know about:

1. You Need Good Handwriting

Your handwriting has nothing to do with how you can do calligraphy. You don’t need to have good handwriting to create beautifully intricate letterings. So, if you have nice handwriting and you’re pretty confident that you can do calligraphy easily, think again. To do calligraphy well, you really need to learn the basics and practice a lot to develop your calligraphy style.

2. You Need to Know How to Write in Cursive

Just because calligraphy and cursive writing look the same doesn’t mean they’re the same. What sets calligraphy apart from cursive writing is the variation in stroke width and writing speed. Cursive writing is done significantly fast as compared to calligraphy when the latter requires a slow pace for intricacy. Every pause that you make in writing calligraphy is crucial. However, knowing how to write in cursive will give you an idea of how you can adapt the calligraphy style or how it works—but that’s just it.

3. You Need to Be Artistic

You don’t need to be an artist to write calligraphy. Unfortunately, it is one of the biggest reasons that hold back individuals who want to give calligraphy a shot. Anyone can learn calligraphy; you just need to really want it to make it happen. Moreover, calligraphy requires a lot of practice, similar to how you learn how to walk when you’re a child. It doesn’t take a genius to do calligraphy, so even if you have no artistic bone in your body, you can learn and do calligraphy.

4. You Need to Splurge on Calligraphy Materials

You’ll be surprised to know that to do calligraphy, all you need to start with is a pen and paper. Choose the right pen for you and have a paper ready to practice your calligraphy. Since you’ll be starting to learn about the basics of calligraphy, you can purchase other tools as you progress if you want to. However, it’s not mandatory, and you can create beautiful calligraphy writing with a simple pen and paper.

The bottom line here is, if you want to learn calligraphy, the key is to learn how to do it properly. Now that we’ve busted these misconceptions, you can now start with your calligraphy. Keep in mind that you don’t need any fancy pens to do it.

Start with the basics of calligraphy and take it from there. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to know which calligraphy tools you need. Again, you don’t need to buy a lot!

Calligraphy is an excellent hobby if you’re looking for new things to do. And when you get better at it, you will be able to earn from it as modern calligraphy is becoming even more in-demand right now.

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