In this digitally driven world, calligraphy is a lost art that can transform stationaries, decor, or signages into an eye-catching and luxurious sight. Beyond forming ornate lettering techniques, calligraphy promote rhythm, harmony, and creativity in inscribing words.

The free-flowing strokes of lettering give words a touch of elegance and intimacy, making the artform perfect for creating wedding invitations as it can set the first impression for guests.  On that note, below are reasons you should dip your hand at professional calligraphy services for your wedding invitations: 


Calligraphy Set’s the First Impression for Your Invitations 

Your wedding day is arguably one of the most special chapters in your life. Every detail that goes into the big day matters, which makes your invitations one of the first elements that set the tone of your wedding. 

With that in mind, adding a striking and personal touch by hiring calligraphy services can make your invitations stand out from the list of bills in their mailbox. It commands attention as the bold strokes can spark delight and excitement, making the beautifully calligraphed invitation a cherished reminder of your soon-to-be love affair.


Calligraphy Makes Guests Feel Special 

In this fast-paced world where messages can be sent in an instant, the art of crafting letters and finding harmony in its strokes can make guests feel the passion and effort spent behind your calligraphed invitation. 

Professional calligraphers are highly experienced artists that can enhance the emotion behind words and add an interesting, visual element to messages. With that in mind, sending out handcrafted letters can make guests feel special and spark exciting talks of the day where you can finally tie the knot. 


Professional Calligraphers Can Save You Time 

The art of forming striking letters and symbols by hand may take time, but investing in professional calligraphy services can cut a large portion of your to-do list. For one, addressing a bulk of envelopes can be mentally and physically taxing. 

In addition to writing your invitations, the project also involves thinking about the seating chart, place cards, table numbers, signage, vow books, menus, ceremony programs, and more. Jam-packing it all in one sitting can be overwhelming, but calligraphy services can take the trouble away from your hands. 

Other than adding a sophisticated stroke to your invitation, custom calligraphy also ensure every element in your wedding is cohesive and on-point.


In Conclusion

Snail mail is quite a rarity in this point-and-click culture, so incorporating calligraphy into your wedding can promote an enchanting mood to your celebration. Hand-written details also capture the extra time and love you put into the invitations, which makes RSVPing a more exciting and personal experience. 

With that in mind, the guide above should clue you in on the benefits of hiring professional calligraphy services for your wedding. We’re calligraphers in Toronto, get in touch with us today to see how we can help in making your wedding invitations.